Achieve your hair goals with the complete and affordable DIY products from Hairfix!

Hairfix is a brand that speaks for itself—your quick and easy go-to solution for your hair concerns— offering you a whole range of hair products especially formulated for your hair either for hair dye, styling, treatments, or for hair essentials. In addition to taking good care of your hair, Hairfix also offers general merchandising such as hair dressing cape, ear cover, hair coloring tools, and the likes. Our products are your go-to quick fix to achieve your desired hair goals without losing too much time and money. Hairfix constantly adapts to the needs of every struggling Filipinos experiencing hair problems by giving you stress-free, wallet-friendly, and quality results for you and your crowning glory.

Experience having your hair goals at the comfort of your own home—thanks to you!

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She’s finally here, ready to conquer dull and frizzy hair with Hairfix. Experience complete hair solution and get ready to #GetchaHairDone with Kim Chiu!

Smoothen and straightens hair in just 20 minutes!

Indulge in some well-deserved treatment from the comfort of your home with Hairfix Keratin Hair Mask Treatment!

Instantly covers gray hair in just ONE WASH!

It’s time to part ways with gray hair!  Color Radiance Hair Coloring Shampoo is is made to seamlessly blend away grays in just ONE WASH!

  • Up to 8 weeks color vibrancy
  • Ammonia-free
  • Cruelty-free